Friday, April 1, 2011

Painting Peyton and Brennan's Room

Before: Peyton and Brennan's Room
A year and a half ago we moved from California to New Mexico. The home we moved into is nice but it has one annoying issue: all the rooms are painted white. Since we've moved in, I've painted the kitchen, dining room, den, a hallway, Aidan's room and Rylie's room. It is finally Peyton and Brennan's turn.

Sky, Hills and Animal Stencils
Since this was the last of the kids rooms to be painted and P&B have had to live with boring walls for so long, I wanted to do something special. So I scoured the Internet looking for ideas, trying to find something that suited their personalities. I finally stumbled upon this website: This website sells stencil kits for painting wall murals. We ended going with the Jungle Safari Theme Kids Wall Mural. I thought it looked like something that would be fun and not too challenging and I knew that Peyton and Brennan would love it. The website had a video that showed how to apply and paint the stencils, so I had a pretty good idea what I was getting myself into.
Brennan Likes his New Room

The basic idea with these mural kits is, you paint the walls and when the paint is dry you apply the stencils and paint them in. When you remove the stencil you have a perfectly painted object (animals, plants and trees in our case). For P&B's room I painted the sky and hills and have slowly been going in and adding animals, butterflies, birds, clouds, plants, trees, etc. Before you start going crazy with the painting, it is a good idea to get a basic idea how you want things to look. You might want to pencil in the hills or other large objects to make sure things will turn out the way you'd like them to. In my first go around, I had painted a giant hill on one of the walls. But before I painted in the animals I realized it was better to have more sky than hills, so I  had to redo it.

Zebra on Hill
What I thought would take a week or so has turned into a month long project, but I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. With 4 kids and other distractions I've mostly only been able to work on P&B's room from time to time after everybody has fallen asleep. Also, the stencils are harder to apply to the wall than it appears. It's almost impossible to get them completely flat against the wall... especially the big trees. I sometimes felt it would have been faster if I just painted the animals without the stencils. But in the end, I like how the room has turned out and I'm glad I decided to go with the stencil mural kit.

After: A Bed in the Trees?
One of things that I was attempting to do was make it look like Peyton and Brennan's bed was up in the trees, kind of like a tree fort. On the wall that the bunk bed is against, I have mostly sky (very little grass down at the botton) with tall trees on either end of where the bed will be. Since P&B are a couple of monkeys I through in some monkeys playing in the trees. I still have a little work to do but I think I'll get close to what I was shooting for. When I finally get it all finished I'll post some photos so you can see what the final product looks like.

Elephant Stencils

Elephants After Stencil Removed
During this painting process, Peyton and Brennan have had to move out of their room. Poor Aidan had to give up his room for P&B and has been sleeping on the floor in Rylie's room. But I think he likes it and it may be hard to get him back in his room when P&B move back into their room. After the lights go out, I often hear Aidan and Rylie chatting away until they fall asleep.

Lion on Top of Hill
Now that I'm finishing up painting the room, it's time to look into bedding ideas. I had originally planned to have safari themed beds, but I think the walls have so much going on, the bedding should be simple. If I can find a couple nice quilts that have similar green/brown/blue colors like the walls, I'll be happy.

OK, I better get back to work and finish this project up. Peyton and Brennan can't wait to finally sleep in their jungle safari room!

I'm Painting!    
Lion on Top of Dresser
Rylie Helped Paint the Animals

Bird in Tree
Closeup of Trees
Monkeys Playing in the Trees


  1. Wow! Did u do this all by yourself??? Its beautiful! Lucky P&B ..great job and it shows how patient and creative u are.. :)

  2. My 2.5 year old son, Timi is a big fan of your boys. He sees them every day (on You Tube) and then doing exactly what they are:) Beautiful room!

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