Thursday, March 31, 2011

50 Million Views!

Our Twin Baby Boys Laughing at Each Other video reached 50 million views today. Thank you everybody for watching our video and helping us reach this amazing number. Who would have thought that 3 years ago our little video would become so popular on the Internet. What started as a way of sharing videos with family members around the country turned into something much more. The video has been seen on TV shows (i.e. Rachael Ray) and in movies (i.e. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never) and who knows where else it will pop up in the future.

It took 3 years and 9 months to reach this many views... lets see how fast we can get the next 50 million. Thanks again everybody!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Road Trip!

Have you ever taken your kids on a long road trip before? This was our first trip with all the kids and we tried to think of everything to ensure a smooth a ride as possible. The kids are on spring break this week so we decided to take the whole gang to Oklahoma City to visit their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. According to the map, it is 560 miles from our house to grandma and grandpa's house. How does one keep 4 little children entertained on a 10+ hour car ride? Here's how we did it: Movies, TV shows, video games, activity sets, snacks, drinks and occasionally stopping and letting the kids run around. It took 10 hours and 15 minutes but we all made it and had a good time too. Although, I'm not too excited about having to do it all over again in a couple days on our way back home!

Peyton and Brennan have never been to Oklahoma before so it was a real treat for many of their relatives to meet them for the first time. Everybody has seen their videos on YouTube but it was something else to be with them in person.

Does anybody know what to do with 4 & 7 year-olds in Oklahoma City? We went to the Omniplex which was fun, but every other kid in Oklahoma City was their too since they are also on spring break. Twice we tried to go to the zoo but the crowds were too large so we left. On Tuesday the weather warmed up and we were able to go outside and explore some parks.

Staying at a hotel with 2 adults and 4 kids can be a challenge. Usually, you can only sleep 4 guests to a room. Many hotels don't have suites, or suites large enough to accommodate 6 guests, so we usually have to get two rooms. The problem with getting two rooms is that 1 adult has to sleep in each room (the kids are too little to be by themselves). Having the parents in separate rooms isn't much of a vacation for them. Luckily, the hotel we stayed at had adjoining rooms (two rooms next to each other with a door between them). We ended up having all 4 kids sleep in one room (they don't mind sharing the big beds) and mom and dad got to have a room to themselves.

One of the things we always do when we visit Oklahoma is go to Ted's Cafe Escondido. This is the best Tex Mex that I've ever had and I eat as much of it as I can while I'm in town. Below is a picture of my friend and me after a very yummy dinner at Ted's.